Data speaks, we listen.


Data have assumed the role of storyteller in the modern enterprise. For large and small businesses alike, your customers, employees and business processes are telling their own stories through the data they leave in their wake. Whether you have a need to enhance your customers' experience, boost productivity or streamline aging processes, we can help translate the stories the data are telling and meet your goals.



Data Strategy

You suspect that there are lessons to be learned from your day-to-day operations, but you aren't sure where to begin or what questions you should be asking. The kinds of things we will answer are:

  • What data do you currently possess that you can leverage more fully?
  • What data does your business generate that you are not capturing but should be?
  • What kinds of questions should you be asking of your business to see the biggest lift?
  • Where and in what format should you be storing your data?
  • Do you need realtime access or will batch processing suffice?
  • Is A/B testing something that would benefit your business? What other changes do we need to make to support that?

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Data Capitalization

You have the data and the infrastructure around it. Now you want to put the data to work. You want:

  • To detect trends in your sales, productivity and growth.
  • To apply machine learning to model customer behavior or analyze risk.
  • To identify emergent customer segments which can be marketed to more effectively.
  • To enable continuous improvement via the application of robust A/B testing methodologies.
  • To improve sales forecasts by more accurately modeling past performance.

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