The data your business is generating today is the capital you could be leveraging tomorrow.

Übermensch Consulting will work with you to identify, collect and utilize the information that your business otherwise ignores every day. Your customers, systems and business processes are rich sources of untapped insights. Are you sure you are exploiting them to their fullest?


Data Science

Make the most of the data that defines your business and your customers. Let Übermensch find the patterns you can exploit to better target customers, ad spending and business priorities.

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Let Übermensch help you recommend the right product at the right moment, adapt your UI to each customer's needs or tailor an internal application to an individual employee's role, boosting productivity.

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Software Development

See how Übermensch can propel your business forward, applying cutting edge techniques from academia to your toughest challenges and training your developers in the latest best practices.

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Your software should be the engine propelling you forward. Don't settle for shocks and struts.

Take advantage of our extensive experience building large scale, highly performing and reliable applications to turbocharge your software. Whether you are looking to develop a new application or to improve the performance, maintainability or extensibility of your existing systems, we would love to talk with you.

If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture.
— Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder

Your business can't be everything to everyone, but it can be the thing for that customer at this moment.

It takes time to recognize the limits of personalization, but it's only then that you start to appreciate the true potential of the technology. The naïve approaches tend to attempt too much with too little data. Our background building such systems with both big and small data lends us the ability to bootstrap a personalization approach with whatever data you have while planning for the possibilities that new data will open up.