Personalization isn't a technology, it's a philosophy.


There are many products and services that make the promise of personalization-in-a-box. We don't buy it. Personalization is not the mindless application of some arcane mathematical equation to your data. It is the considered actualization of the deepest understanding of your customers' needs. By melding the knowledge your domain experts possess with the trends and patterns your data can surface, you will find yourself with a happier customer with less friction on their way to converting.



Personalization Strategy

You have a diverse customer base and a rich feature set. You recognize the potential of tailoring your application to your customer. You desire to apply an understanding of history and current context to intuit your customers' intent.

We will sit with you, learn about your business, customers and applications and discern where and how a personalized approach makes sense.

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Personalization Rollout

You have decided on a personalization strategy to pursue and are ready to begin implementation. You want to utilize the latest research but avoid costly mistakes. You have a need for a custom recommender, personalized content or a context-aware UI.

Our background personalizing the experiences of millions of users has afforded us the opportunity to learn what works at scale. We will apply state-of-the-art, scalable and robust methods to implement the personalization strategies you have settled on.

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